Oven Barbecue Cleaning Melbourne

5 DIY Ways to Clean Oven and Barbecue

Barbecue fun is something we all look forward to having during summer. However, it is soon accompanied by Barbecue and oven cleaning which might prove to be cumbersome and hassle at times.

The best way to deal with the grease and gunk is to act smartly. All you need to do is to know about the proper DIY ways to clean oven and Barbecue. You shouldn’t procrastinate the work as the burnt grime can prohibit the proper functioning of the oven and can also compromise the quality of the food. Check out the easy DIY ways to clean oven and Barbecue.

  1. Have the proper tools to clean your oven and Barbecue

    To make the cleaning easy and hassle-free, you must have the right tools to start with. Take help of a stiff-wire grill brush to easily clean off food particles from the surface.

    Pick up brushes which have brass wire. The hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned easily using a grill scraper.

Oven Barbecue Cleaning Melbourne

Oven Barbecue Cleaning Melbourne

  1. Use the right stuff to clean your oven and Barbecue

    You may get several products in the market to do the job but you can get hold of a range of wonderful products right in your kitchen.

    Mix some water with baking soda to make a paste and apply it to the cooking surface and on areas where the grime is stiff. Leave it for an hour and then easily clean it off and get a sparkling clean surface!

    Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray on the dirty areas. Leave it for an hour and then easily clean off. However, ensure that the grates aren’t hot or the gas isn’t turned on while you spray vinegar.

  1. Pre-setup to make cleaning easier

    Before setting up the oven or Barbecue, you can follow some DIY tricks to avoid setting of grime. While using a gas grill the “clean” knob can be turned on to pre-heat which actually softens any remaining grime.

    You can prevent the gunk to settle on the racks by coating with cooking oil-soaked paper towel. In case, you are using a charcoal grill, the ashes from the bottom of grill must be cleaned before cooking.

  1. Keep cleaning and safety in perspective by turning on the gas with the lids kept open

    Turn on the gas with the lids open to burn off the grease and to let the remaining gas escape. You can also clean easily when the cooking surface is still hot by using a stiff bristle brush to remove the soft food particles.

Oven Barbecue Cleaning Melbourne

Oven Barbecue Cleaning Melbourne

  1. Enable heavy duty cleaning with warm water, mild dish soap

    ,and vinegar

    You can remove the grates and also the cooking plates and place them in a mixture of warm water, vinegar,and mild dish soap. The cleaning will be easy and also effective.

    However, it is easy said than done. Cleaning oven and Barbecue might sound like an easy task, but it requires specialization for best results.

    Thus, if the above tips and tricks don’t seem to work for you, it is often recommended to hire a duct cleaning and duct repair company and expert professionals who will do the task for you.

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