5 Sounds Your Air Conditioning Making Noise What They Mean

Gone are those days when you have to tolerate your Air Conditioning Making Noise. No matter what is your preference – Split System or Window AC, the latest technology backed ACs don’t make noises anymore. But if you have old AC, the chances of your air conditioning making noise is always there. 

As these small noises can cause bigger issues in future, you must not ignore noises coming out of your Air Conditioning. If you hear strange noises when your ac is in operation, pay attention to it or hire aircon services professionals to make sure no further damage. 

Avoiding noises coming out of your AC can result in costly repair or the worst case, dysfunctioning. Make sure you figure out the reasons behind noises in the starting phase to minimize the issue. Read this blog to know 5 Sounds Your Air Conditioning Making Noise and What They Mean.

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5 Noises Your Air Conditioning Makes and What They Mean

These are some common sounds that may come out of your AC and what they convey to you –

  1. Banging –

    Banging is quite a common sound that may come out of you Air Conditioning in case something goes wrong. It signals that one or more components of your air are loose or broken. It can be a connecting rod, piston pin, or crankshaft. There are also chances that your indoor blower is not balanced or the unit needs a compressor replacement. 
  2. Clanking –

    Clanking sound issue is quite similar to the banging sound issue which we discussed earlier. It means that some inside parts of the sealed unit have stopped working or the compressor has gone loose. It can also mean that the indoor blower or outdoor fan and blades are not in balance and hitting something. Ignoring this sound can cost your hundreds of dollars as it can result in a permanent faulty compressor. 
  3. Clicking –

    Although it’s quite a common sound that indicates little to no issue yet it shouldn’t be ignored. If your AC is making a clicking noise, it signifies that there’s a defective control or malfunctioning thermostat. To avoid any circuit damage, get it fixed by hiring AC repair professionals. 
  4. Buzzing –

    A buzzing noise coming from the outside unit of air conditioning indicates many things.
    1. It could mean a loose part inside the unit.
    2. Sign of debris in either of the unit
    3. Loose outdoor fan motor
    4. Uncleaned condenser coil
    5. Malfunctioning air filter
    6. Leak from refrigerant
      As it could mean anything, you can’t trust buzzing noises. You need to get it repaired as soon as you hear such noises. To avoid further damage, make sure you get this issue fixed in its starting phase.
  5. Humming –

    Humming sound isn’t as alert as other sounds that we have mentioned above. Yet you need to pay attention to it as you don’t want your air conditioning to get shut on hot summer days. Humming noises, in some cases, can mean that something inside the unit is off. It also hints you towards electrical problems. 

Don’t Ignore AC Noises, Get It Fixed Today!

Despite knowing it all, you just can’t fix your AC on your own due to lack of knowledge and proper professional tools. Make sure you don’t have to pay high repair bills, Spotless Duct Cleaning advise you to get it checked by us today. Get in touch with us today and hire an AC repair professional at an affordable price. We guarantee you that you will be fully satisfied once you get your air conditioning fixed by us.

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