How to Block off a Heating Vent

Heating Ducts are placed under the windows. Hot air is much less dense than cold air. And thus placing the Duct in the bottom is advised. Warm air when blown mixes with cold air to keep us unfreeze.

Keeping it block free will keep our surroundings pollution-free. Especially in homes which have pets and an extended family. Blocking the Ducts when not used is advisable. There are two possibilities to do this. Either with Sheet magnets or with wood. Measure the Duct plates that cover the Duct opening. Note it such that this will be helpful in the process.

Below is the Detailed Explanation on How to Block off a Heating Duct

  • Sheet magnets

    Sheet magnets are available in the market easily in stationeries or craft shops. These are commonly used in refrigerators or in bumper stickers. Get them and cut it in the size of the Duct Cleaning. You can do this with a scissor or knife. Now, just place the magnet on the Duct plate in line with the edges and apply some force and hold it in place so that it will stick against the Duct.

  • Wood

    Remove White Mold on Wood Melbourne

    Remove White Mold on Wood Melbourne

    Remove the Duct plate screws that are holding, by using the screwdriver once you remove the screws carefully pull away from the plate. Use a step ladder to remove the Duct plate if it is fixed on the ceiling.

  • Measure the grates

    After removing the plate measure the grates length and height. These grates are the Duct plate slots which will allow the air to enter and pass via Ducts. Start from bottom to top to measure the height of the grates.

    Start from the outer edge of left side of the grate right side of the grate to measure the length of the grate. After completing the task carefully, write the measurements of the grate as you might need to refer them later.

  • Cut the plywood

    Now cut the plywood in the same size according to the measurements of the grates. Use the same measurements that you have taken earlier. After marking cut the plywood using the saw. If you cannot cut through saw take a help of home improvement storekeeper to cut the plywood.

    Residential Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Residential Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    The thickness of the plywood is not considered only thing should be taken in mind is that the plywood should not have any cracks or holes on it.

  • Apply the tape

    Now wrap the tape to the wood from back side of the Duct. Use the duct tape to successfully complete this step. Carefully tape all the four sides of the wood piece to the Ducts and make sure it is secure.

  • Block the Duct opening

    Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

    Now fix the Duct plate back to the Duct opening. Make sure that the wooden side of the Duct plate should face inside. One this is fixed the Duct plate is attached in and the wood piece will preDuct the air coming from outside through the grates. If you want to open the heating Duct once again to clean or remove the block, unscrew the Duct plate and then the wood piece should be removed.

These were a few ways through which you can easily block off a heating Duct.

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